Free bets

If you want to place a bet and have chance to win the big money but do not want to risk your own money? Then the bookies free bets offers are for you. So if you use a free bet and place a bet that Chelsea will win and they lose, you get your money back. If they win you win money. You just cant lose with free bets.

This is how the free bets works and where you can find them.

How it works:
(Note that offers usually only works for new clients)

1. Check our list below to find the offer and bookie that you like. Then click the link go unluck the promotion.

2. Open a account at the bookie and deposit money according to their rules. There you also find information about how to get your money back if you lose your free bet. Usually you get the money automaticly or sometimes you need to send a e-mail to them.

3. Place your free bet and if you lose you will get your money back.

Here are the biggest free bets right now:
(Note that the offers can vary depending on what country you are from. These numbers apply to must countrys).