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Betting preview fotball season 2013-14

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The football season is about to begin. All over Europe, teams are getting ready for battle to achieve their goals. For some teams, it will be a struggle to keep themselves among the best in their country, while for others a spot in the Europa League and the chance to compete for some sort of European glory will be their ultimate goal. For the rest, the cream of the crop, the fight will be for the ultimate glory, the place at the of top of the hill – National Champion! In this articles you will get a betting preview and some good information to base your betting tips on.

In order to succeed, teams from around the old continent are spending big bucks to attract the best coaches and players. Some keep doing it year in and year out with various results, while others are now starting to join this illustrious elite. And while this movement has tremendous effects to what will be played on the field, off the field, the football betting community is already eagerly making their predictions and selecting their betting picks.

Let’s take a look at some of the countries and teams in each country that may have the best chance to win it, not only according to their coaching staff and players, but also having in mind their past experience and their habit to win.

Premier League

In England, the fact that Mourinho became Chelsea club manager once again, is in itself something that will boost tremendously the chances that the club has of winning the title. They haven’t purchased a lot of big names (I actually think that they could use a solid goal scoring striker, someone like Ibrahimovic, for example), but they definitely are the top contenders. And they compensate the lack of big names with hard work and the never-ending mind games of Jose! In a discussion such as this, one would naturally refer the likes of Manchester United, particularly, but also Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool. If it wasn’t for the “loss” of the great Sir Alex Ferguson, the mere arrival of Mourinho wouldn’t be enough to consider themselves top contenders. However, given the fact that Manchester United now have a different manager, the first time it happened in more than 20 years, although they have kept almost their entire squad intact without adding any relevant name (yet), a manager that doesn’t have solid experience in the biggest stages, might be something that can play against them this year.

Manchester City on the other hand, have a new coach, one that is used to deal with big egos and great players and knows how to get the best of each and everyone of them. In fact, they keep adding big names to the squad, leaving most football fans wondering if that is in fact, enough or essential to build a solid winning team. Anyway, with the coaching staff and the players that they have, Manchester City should fight, side by side with the previously mentioned teams for the title. Betting places are generally giving Chelsea a slight advantage in the race, putting Manchester United next but closely followed by Manchester City.

There are also others teams that could cause big troubles and concerns to the teams mentioned above. We’re talking essentially about Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool. And they can cause big troubles for the simple reason that there are Champions League places to be won, and with this comes along a lot of money, respect and prestige to be earned. So, if things get really tight between these teams at some point towards the end of the season, do not be surprised if any of these last three can still have hopes and expectations to winning the title.

La Liga

Now talking about La Liga and how it should be really interesting this year. Mourinho has left the Real Madrid building, we know that, and we also know how he managed and controlled the media attention and how almost everything was about him. But with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, a manager that has lots of experience managing big clubs in big stages and is used to deal with big names, things can really change for the better. The players will be more focused in playing football and people will also pay more attention to what happens on the field instead of what happens outside of the field. Wherever he has been, players and directors have only kind and respectful words to say about him, and he has won big things for almost every team he has been with and that has to speak volumes about his abilities to lead them to the title. Barcelona have dominated a great part of the last few years and they may still dominate some of the years to came, but if one thinks that things will be easy, he or she may be completely wrong. According to the betting places, Barcelona are clear favorites to win the title with Real Madrid in second place. But to be honest, I think the race will be closer than they are predicting…

Serie A

In Italy, the Juventus dominance is more likely to continue. They keep strengthening the squad with powerful and relevant names, kept the coaching staff intact and only Milan seems to pose some sort of threat to the Vecchia Signora. And even them don’t seem to offer that much resistance. The Milan we see nowadays, is not the same Milan of the 90’s. They don’t have the same power and they don’t create the same fear in their opponents eyes as they once did. They don’t have a great squad and they have a few holes (specially on defense) that they don’t seem to be able to fill, although they have a truly bright and intelligent coach. The betting places are saying Juventus are clear favorites to win the title, followed by Milan and in third place, Napoli, a team that slowly gained the respect and admiration of everyone who loves football, leaving behind historical and traditionally strong teams like Inter, Roma or Lazio.


In Germany, we should continue to watch Bayern Munich take control of the League, with Borussia Dortmund fighting and giving everything they have to invert that tendency. Betting experts have no doubts that the arrival of Pep Guradiola will only make the team stronger and playing an even more attractive and engaging football and that is why they see Munich team as top contenders to win the title.

Champions League

Finally, talking a little bit about the Champions League and about what we can expect in this years competition, I say it will definitely be one of the most interesting and engaging seasons of the last 10 years. The teams that are normally contenders are stronger (with the exception of probably Manchester United), have better players and a coaching staff more fitting to the needs and culture of the team. Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United are the top contenders to this years competition, according to what the betting experts are saying. I couldn’t agree more, but if I may add a few names to that list, names that can be really good surprises, I would be paying close attention to Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, FC Porto and Napoli. They should be playing great football and, when one of these teams gets to the knock-out stages, anything can happen…

Hope you have a great football season! I just can’t wait for it to begin…